Deepening knowledge to increase the effectiveness of complex lifts

The development of new technologies has enabled the construction and assembly of equipment and parts with increasingly larger dimensions and weights, requiring therefore, lifting operations and handling more and more complex and with greater risks. Then, it is crucial that the teams of the companies involved in these procedures, contractors, deepen their knowledge on rigging. This course will provide the professionals who plan, implement, supervise or oversee this type of operation the opportunity to increase their knowledge on the subject, particularly in techniques, materials, special equipment and technical standards requirements.

Who is it for
Professionals with experience in lifting loads and are engineers, technologists or technicians involved with the design, planning, supervision and inspection of complex cargo lifts.

Provide fundamental knowledge to the student on advanced projects of lifting cargo operations, both for training and for recycling and validation of knowledge, taking into account the techniques and practices recommended by national and international standards.

Coordination and Teachers
The technical coordination and administration of the course is made by Leonardo Roncetti engineer, master and PhD student in offshore lifting operations from COPPE-UFRJ.



  • • Crawler cranes
  • • Special devices for heavy lifting such as equalizing beams, special shackles and others.
  • • Special slings of steel cable for high capacities
  • • Design and use of grommets slings, cable-laid slings and brided slings
  • • Special slings of synthetic ropes for high capacities: types, uses and design
  • • Lifting loads with center of gravity above the gripping point
  • • Lifting multi-point handle: simplified calculation of rigorous calculation by finite elements with practical applications
  • • Operations with multiple cranes: lift, vertical and tippingo
  • • Operations with multiple cranes: fundamental principles, distribution of forces, calculating speeds and positions.
  • • Operations with multiple cranes: 3D simulation
  • • Weight control during design, manufacturing and assembly
  • • Lifting with cranes on embedded track
  • • Rigging plan for complex lifting
  • • Application exercises