Post-graduation Latu sensu.

Degree obtained
Specialist lifting Engineering and cargo handling, recognized by the CONFEA / CREA.

Scheduled for March 2016, lasting about two years.

São Paulo.

Monthly from Thursday to Saturday.

380 hours.


Preliminary program:


• Inaugural

• Course Presentation Seminar

• Strength of materials and mechanics for lifting

• Lifting plan for cranes I

• Lifting plan for cranes II

• Lifting plan for derricks

• Rigging supervision

• Mechanical inspection

• Slings Inspection and accessories

• Risk analysis

• Routine offshore lifting

• Special offshore lifting

• Special transport

• Work safety applied to lifts I

• Work safety applied to lifts II

• Calculation of metal structures and connections for lifting

• Engineering expertise applied to lifts

• Foundations hoisting and transport

• Training leaders

• Special techniques of lifting, handling and removal

• Scientific methodology

• Seminar 1

• Seminar 2

• Seminar 3

• Guidance for the preparation of Course Completion Work.

• Seminar of Course Completion Work.

Places are limited and pre-registration (no obligation) is available.

All information is subject to change.