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Comparative study between design methods of reinforcement of reinforced concrete beams in bending with polymer reinforced with carbon fiber

Post-Graduation in Pathology in Civil Works

RONCETTI, L. (2011). Comparative study of design methods for flexural strengthening of reinforced concrete beams with carbon fiber-reinforced polymers. Post-graduation Course of Pathology in Civil Engineering of IDD Institute, Curitiba. Advisor: Prof. M.Sc. Luís César Siqueira De Luca.

This paper aims to perform a comparative study of design methods for flexural strengthening using carbon fiber-reinforced polymers, applied to reinforced concrete beams with rectangular cross section. Three of the main design methods are analyzed: ACI 440.2R-08 of 2008, ISIS Design Manual 4 of 2008 and FIB Bulletin 14 of 2001, aiming to compare the effectiveness of each for the consumption of fiber. For the purpose of structural reinforcement, carbon fiberreinforced polymers are showing great performance in restoring or increasing the resistance of existing structures, as the choice of a reliable and competitive method fundamental to the success of the design of reinforcement. The methods for flexural strengthening are compared, analyzing the parameters that influence the consumption of fiber, effectiveness use of materials of the original section, indicating which method needs less fiber for a given combination of these parameters. One concludes that, depending on the parameters of the piece to be reinforced, one can require significantly different amounts of fiber depending on the method adopted.

Keywords: Structural reinforcement, polymers, carbon fiber, optimization.

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