About us

Techcon Engineering and Consulting was founded in 1998 aiming to provide excellent consulting services for offshore projetcs, lifts, foundations and structures designs with unique optimization technology, intending the preservation of natural resources and excellent cost/benefit of solutions.

What do we do

• Design of foundations and structures on land and offshore
• Recovery design and structural strengthening with carbon fiber and other advanced materials
• Onshore and offshore lifting plans
• Industrial equipment designs
• Research, innovation and technological development
• Special courses in the engineering area

Differentiation Strategy

• Customized designs developed by experts
• Exclusive use of software developed internally using the very latest in computational tools
• Short-term for delivery of solutions
• Embedded Solutions among foundation, structure and equipment
• High level of design details
• Technical Library with over 10,000 items


Techcon has as co-owner Leonardo Roncetti, structural engineer who graduated 18 years ago, a post-graduate degree in structural strengthening, master of engineering structures by COPPE-UFRJ, PhD student of structures COPPE-UFRJ, a researcher and teacher.



The principles and values that guide the actions of Techcon Engineering and Consulting and reflect our cultural identity and the commitments made in the market in which we operate are:

  • Integrity, ethics and transparency;
  • Personal and Professional Development of Employees;
  • Excellence of services;
  • Social and Environmental Responsibility;
  • Alignment with customer focus;
  • Zero Tolerance. Alcohol, drugs and tobacco.



Techcon Engineering and Consulting declares irreducible before acts of corruption.

Techcon Engineering and Consulting administrators and employees must refrain from practicing acts of corruption listed in the Anti-Corruption Law in Brazil.


The purpose of this policy is unequivocally declare the position of Techcon Engineering and Consulting against acts of bribery, offers or accepting gifts and / or hospitality.

As a representative of Techcon Engineering and ConsultingG, it is strictly forbidden to make, promise, offer or authorize the amount of bribes or gifts, if this is the intention of influencing any act or decision. In addition, each representative of Techcon Engineering and Consulting must use your common sense and judgment when offering or accepting gifts and / or hospitality.


Techcon Engineering and Consulting representatives should use their best efforts to avoid situations in which their personal interests conflict with the interests of the company in the exercise of their activities.

Techcon Engineering and Consulting administrators and employees should not represent the company in the business relationship in which they have some form of personal direct or indirect interest that may influence their decisions.


Techcon Engineering and Consulting undertake every effort to provide healthy and safe working conditions for its employees, complying with the relevant legal requirements.


Techcon Engineering and Consulting is committed to not be part of any project or venture that directly or indirectly produce or encourage the consumption of alcohol, drugs and tobacco.