Certification of Bollards, Winches and Padeyes

The bollards, winches and padeyes are fundamental structures for port, maritime and offshore operations, which the failure may result in serious personal and vessels injury.

To certify the resistance of new or already installed bollards, TechCon Engineering developed methodology and specific high-tech equipment for this purpose and may be applied in ports and ships, and safer and more reliable than testing techniques currently employed.


  • Structural bollard and pier inspection
  • Non-destructive tests
  • Non-linear stress analysis by Finite Element Method
  • Check theoretical resistance
  • Load test design
  • Load test implementation
  • Non-destructive tests
  • Issue of load capacity certificate

Load Tests:

  • Maximum force of 500 tons
  • Maximum force applied at any angle to horizontal and vertical simulating the real fastening
  • Computerized real-time monitoring of forces, stresses, displacements, deformations and reactions in the structures, ensuring the results and increasing safety


  • Bollards of any geometry
  • Quick-release hoists
  • Vessel bollards
  • Hoists, winches, cheeks and capstans
  • Large padeyes
  • Spools

Some developed projects

Certification of Bollards, Winches and Padeyes

Stress analysis by Finite Element Method

Load test up to 500ton on fastening equipment

Load test in hoists, winches and capstans

Data analysis in real time