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Excessive vibration in structures

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Excessive vibration in structures can generate a number of problems:

– Health damage
– Discomfort to users
– Structural damage such as cracks, spalling, loosening of connections
– Fatigue, shortening lifespan
– Loss of performance of equipment supported by these structures


TechCon Engenharia e Consultoria prepared a local and global dynamic analysis to verify if there would be vibration problems in an offshore platform structure due to the installation of new large-scale rotating equipment, including:

– Free vibration analysis of the theoretical model
– Dynamic analysis in the frequency and time domain for the theoretical model
– Field monitoring with accelerometers
– Calibration of the theoretical model
– Analysis of results
– Verification after assembly of the equipment

Images: Author’s archives.

The conclusion of the analysis was that the resulting vibration would be below the operational and comfort limits for workers.

After installation, field verification confirmed the results obtained in the study, attesting to the good future performance of the equipment and structure.

Field monitoring:

Data acquisition was performed using the HBM MX 1601 module, a world reference in monitoring equipment (

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