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350 tons of lifted structures: Conclusion of the lifting operations of the wagon tipper shed roof modules

It was completed, in early April 2024, the lifting of the entire roof structure of the wagon tipplers at Vale Tubarão, totaling 350 tons of lifted structures with complete success!!


🔸 Pre-assembled roof modules with a net weight of 61 tons, 32 m in length, 12 m in width, and 9.3 m in height

🔸 Isolated trusses, weighing 7.5 tons

🔸 Total lifted weight 350 tons

🔸 Roof assembled on existing structure


🔸 Assembly and lifting with adjacent lines in operation

🔸 Very restricted space for maneuvers

🔸 Large number of interferences

🔸 Slim structures

🔸 Tunnel over the support area and pad placement


🔸 3D rigging plan

🔸 Axis lines for rotation and positioning of loads before lifting

🔸 Weighing of loads before lifting

🔸 Structural verification to ensure integrity during lifting


🔸 Execution of weighing for weight and CG verification

🔸 Structural analysis and design for lifting, including verification of bolted connections

🔸 Structural design of the derrick and slings

🔸 Manufacturing design of lateral bracings

🔸 3D rigging plan, including detailing of all accessories

🔸 Supervision and consulting during lifting


🔸 Assembly Company: Sigdo Koppers Brasil SKIC

🔸 Rigging plans and consulting: TechCon Engineering and Consulting

🔸 Cranes for modules: Transdata Engineering and Handling

🔸 Cranes for isolated trusses: Sistermi Rental of Machinery and Equipment

🔸 Axis lines: Transdata Engineering and Handling