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Accident during harvester lifting

What is the cut allowance that allows the strap to continue in operation?


– Hoisting in port using the ship’s crane;
– Lifting with 03 rockers and 4 textile straps in connection with the load;
– Harvesters like this can weigh more than 20 tons;
– Load well leveled;

Possible causes

– Pre-existing strap damage (very likely). Example: small cross section;
– Strap manufacturing defect (very likely);
– Cut a sharp corner on the load (unlikely). There are no sharp corners in the fairing;
– Undersizing (very unlikely);


– Constant inspection of lifting accessories;
– Dispose of damaged belts. Unlike steel cable, which admits some broken wires, strapping does not allow cutting;
– Private approval of textile strapping suppliers. There are strap manufacturers that present false documentation and material below the minimum specifications;
– Protection of straps against abrasion and cutting;
– Correct sizing according to NBR 15637;
– Use of accessories compatible with the diameter of the tubular strap;
– Use of accessories compatible with the width of the flat belt;

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