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Accident during load lifting with SAIPEM 7000

Photo: via Twitter/@OnDeepWater


– Occurred on 04/14/2022, 10 am, local time in Norway, in a fjord near the city of Stavanger;
– The crane ship was performing a load test on one of the cranes, when one or more cables broke, overturning the barge that was used as a counterweight;
– The ferry overturned and sank;
– After the cargo fell, the crane vessel tilted severely to one side;
– There were 275 people on board, who were evacuated without injuries;
– Information given by the Norwegian police authorities who made the first call.

The crane ship

– Semi-submersible crane, operated by Saipem SpA;
– 3rd largest crane ship in the world;
– Built in 1987 and sails under the Bahamian flag;
– Total length: 197.95 m; Width: 87 m; Height: 43.5 m;
– Cargo deck area: 9,000 m²;
– Each crane has a 140.0 m boom equipped with 4 hooks, with a capacity of 7,000 t each, totaling 14,000 tons of lifting.

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