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Crane Brasil Magazine: Lifting for decommissioning offshore jackets

New “wave” of demand for decommissioning offshore platforms will require multidisciplinary teams to develop and execute these complex projects.

In this article, published in Revista Crane Brasil no. 92, I mention which factors should be considered when calculating the weight for lifting jackets from offshore platforms to be decommissioned.

Among the main factors are:
🔸 Encrustations and aggregations: living or dead organisms, various natural or artificial waste accumulated over the years, nets, lines and other fishing equipment.
🔸 Grouts, concrete, cements, welding and plates used to fix the stakes to the jacket structure and conductors.
🔸 Excerpts of the cut stakes, which are fixed to the structure. Generally, the piles are cut 3 meters below the seabed, with the upper section lifted along with the jacket.
🔸 Structural changes and conductor additions.
🔸 Water entrapment in the structure.

The influence of these factors may exceed 25% or more of the original lifted weight, and must be subject to on-site inspection and careful assessment of structural and lifting engineering.

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