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First 3D-printed steel bridge opens in Amsterdam

3D “printing” technology will (is it already?) revolutionizing the way we design steel, concrete and mainly new material structures!

A pedestrian walkway completely made by 3D welding, i.e. layer by layer, was installed and opened over one of the beautiful canals in Amsterdam, Netherlands, on July 15, 2021.

Photo: MX3D


– Span of 12.5 meters with horizontal and vertical curve;
– Stainless steel, deposited layer by layer by 4 welding robots;
– Steel weight: 4.5 tons;
– Optimized geometry for maximum performance.


– Bridge fully instrumented and monitored for research from universities in the UK and Holland;
– Sensor network for various magnitudes such as temperature, deformation, displacement and acceleration;
– Prior to installation, several static and dynamic load tests were performed.


– Take care not to damage the floor during shoveling.

With this system, structural optimization gains a new horizon, since it is possible to manufacture geometries that were previously economically unfeasible with conventional materials.


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