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How to lift slender and structurally unstable loads???

Slender metallic structures may not be self-supporting in the lifting situation and may collapse due to global buckling.

🔸 Metal truss 32 m long, 9.3 m high and 30 centimeters wide;
🔸 Very slender and structurally unstable for direct lifting, which may result in global buckling;
🔸 The original project did not provide for lifting eyes.

🔸 Structural check without crashes: lifting is not possible!
🔸 Structural calculation for dimensioning lateral bracing;
🔸 Structural design of temporary side braces, removed after assembly of the purlins and braces;
🔸 Dimensioning and detailing of slings and crane

SCOPE OF TechCon Engineering and Consulting
🔸 Analysis and structural design for lifting, including verification of bolted connections;
🔸 Manufacturing project for side locks;
🔸 3D rigging plan, including details of all accessories.