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Part 1: Lifting and transporting a storage tank measuring Ø 11 m x 14.6 m. Increasingly larger factory-built tanks.

Storage tanks are used to be assembled plate by plate on field, in the final position. But the amount of tanks being assembled in factory is increasing.


  • Drastic reduction of welding and painting in the field, doing so in a more favorable environment;
  • Increased safety and working conditions;
  • Increased manufacturing speed;
  • Greater dimensional accuracy;
  • Greater ease of inspection and testing


  • Lifting: with greater weight and dimensions, the sheets are subject to deformation. The solution to this is the addition of temporary, easily removable internal reinforcements. Structural checks must be carried out for lifting and transportation conditions.
  • Transport: Detailed analysis of stability for transport is required, in addition to a specific design of the cargo lashing. In addition, the study of the path and solution of interferences.

SCOPE OF TechCon Engineering and Consulting

  • Design of internal reinforcements and structural verification of the tank for lifting;
  • Rigging plan for the various lifting stages
  • Structural design of the rockers;
  • Stability analysis for road transport;
  • Design of cargo lashing (securing).

Cargo lashing plan

Transporting the roof section

Transporting the roof section

Bottom section transportation

Bottom section transportation

Engineering: TechCon Engineering and Consulting
Manufacture: Metaltec
Lifting: Bezerra Cranes