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Part 2: Lifting and transporting a storage tank measuring Ø 11 m x 14.6 m. Increasingly larger factory-built tanks.

Tanks with smaller diameters have thinner plates than those with large diameters assembled in the field, requiring detailed analysis:

  • Detailed structural analysis for the transport and lifting situation
  • Detailed analysis of the region of the lifting points, which lead to the highest tensions
  • Addition of temporary internal reinforcements to maintain tank geometry
  • Checking the bottom and ceiling structure, especially regarding buckling.


  • Design of internal reinforcements and structural verification of the tank for lifting and transportation;
  • Rigging plan for the various lifting stages
  • Structural design of the rockers;
  • Stability analysis for road transport;
  • Design of cargo lashing (securing).

Manufacture: Metaltec
Lifting and transportation: Bezerra Gandastes