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Rigging plan certification for lifting a viaduct on Av. Brazil

Click hereIt is a worldwide trend in technical standards, the requirement for project certification by an independent professional, to attest that all results and solutions are meeting safety and operability.

While this demand does not reach the lifting standards, companies hire this certification to ensure that there are no identifiable flaws in the project, leading to increased safety and reduction of unforeseen events in lifting.

TechCon was hired by Consórcio Alças da Ponte to certify the rigging plan for lifting the new viaduct over Av. Brazil, total hoisted weight of 554 tons and 150 meters in curved length.

Some certification steps involved checking:

1) Design weight and CG

2) Distribution of forces and resistance of alloys and accessories

3) Maximum displacements of curved beams

4) Resistance of the eyes and support plates by finite elements

5) Rigidity of the supports of the outriggers and tensions transmitted to the ground

6) Configurations of the 500 t and 750 t cranes

7) Drawings

Execution of the work: Consórcio Alças da Ponte

Rigging and execution plan: Cranes Tatuape.

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