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Structural Engineering combined with Occupational Safety Engineering. Joints to increase the operational safety of works.


  • Work platform suspended on the top floor, approximately 100 meters high;
  • Part of the platform collapsed and workers were suspended by their seat belts;
  • A scaffolder who was connected to the platform fell along with it and died on the spot;
  • The rest were rescued by the fire department using an aerial basket and crane.


  • Certification of the platform’s structural design by a company specialized in structural calculations or structural consultant;
  • Ditto for other items of the collective fall protection system;
  • Risk analysis with the participation of the platform design sectors, structural consultant, platform assembler or rental company and work safety engineering;
  • Supervision of the assembly of the structure according to the project;
  • Load tests on elements defined in the project or in the risk analysis;
  • Specific training for work on the proposed platform;
  • Rescue plan


TechCon Engenharia e Consultoria specializes in projects of metallic structures, lifting, temporary structures, and lifelines, with both structural and work safety solutions.

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