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Wolfram Innovator Awards 2021

The Wolfram Innovator Awards 2021 is an international award given annually to scientists who have excelled in technological innovations using the Wolfram Language.

The jobs

Research, development and application of:

1 –  Image processing and artificial intelligence for monitoring,  inspection and integrity assessment of large structures;
2 – Real-time monitoring of lifting operations with offshore cranes and maritime and road transport operations.


– Wife: infinite patience and understanding

– Daughters: obedience

– Parents: advice, investment of time and money in my studies

– Students: inspiration to share knowledge unrestrictedly and see them grow in the profession

– Customers: challenges and feedback

– Competitors: get rid of the comfort zone

– Collaborators: dedication

– Good teachers: passion for teaching and guiding

– LinkedIn Connections: Content and constructive comments

– Brazil: technical high school, graduation, master’s and doctorate free, all of quality

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