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Lifting of a 81-ton Pressure Vessel. Various lifting projects and services for operational safety.


🔸 Pressure vessel weighing 81 tons net

🔸 Length of 28 meters, outer diameter of 4 meters

🔸 Used in industrial gas cleaning system

SCOPE OF TechCon Engineering and Consulting

🔸 Structural verification of lifting lugs: lower lugs with load out of plane, requiring structural verification

🔸 Load weighing: weight verification at the beginning of the project, resulting in cost savings and increased safety

🔸 Geotechnical foundation design for crane support: due to underground facilities and superficial soil resistance, soil reinforcement was required to support the cranes

🔸 Structural design of spreaders and accessories: to utilize an existing spreader, a structural reinforcement project was developed, along with customized accessories

🔸 Rigging plans: developed in 3D, facilitating communication and understanding during the project

🔸 Inspections: monitoring of load tests on slings, execution of spreader reinforcement, and fabrication of customized accessories

🔸 Foundation execution supervision: verification according to the project and evaluation of soil compaction tests

🔸 Lifting supervision: on-site, during lifting, to ensure execution according to the rigging plan


Projects: TechCon Engineering and Consulting

Assembling: ETM Engineering Ltd.

Cranes: Sistermi Machine and Equipment Rental

Axle line: Transuica Logistics and Transportation