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Complex Load: Complex Rigging Plan

The greater the complexity of the load and lifting conditions, the greater care must be taken in the rigging plan.

Executed in February 2022.

Photos: Author’s archive.

Understanding better:


– 02 coke processing equipment;

– Weight: 96 tons each; length: 34 meters;

– Hoisted with 95% of the components assembled, generating a lot of interference.


– 2 cranes of 500 tons each (Liebherr LTM 1500-8.1 with 50 m jib);

– Many interferences on the route, as the construction of the building was in progress;

– Need to guarantee the structural integrity of the load and its global stability, since the CG was very high;

– Many interferences also in the support, with rails, bases, gutters, slabs and support.

Rigging plan prepared by TechCon:

– Weight control during manufacturing and assembly;

– Verification of the structural integrity of the load during lifting, via finite elements;

– Structural design of rocker arms, “triplates”, locking flanges etc;

– Design of the specific padding for each padding, considering the various interferences;

– Simulation to verify clearances;

– Consulting in the execution of the lifting.

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