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Highlight: “Top Crane 2022” Award

TechCon Engineering and Consulting winner of the Top Crane 2022 Award, in the Rigging Plan category

Promoted by CRANE BRASIL magazine, it awards the best projects and lifting services in 2022.

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– 4 pieces of equipment totaling 220 tons, with a length of up to 35 meters

– Loads with a tendency to turn


– Restricted space, with several obstacles and interferences

– Long loads with a high center of gravity, with a tendency for the load to tip over

– Need for multiple slings to maintain balance

– Interference of the slings with the various equipment

– Underground galleries and retaining walls close to the underbelly

– More than half the weight of the loads was assembled in the field


– Field survey and 3D rigging plan

– Use of stops to prevent load rotation

– Use of 20t hoists to control the forces on the sling legs

– Adjustable rocker arm to avoid sling interference

– Verification of slabs and walls for underpinning

– Weight control during load mounting

TechCon Team:

Carlos Henrique Brito Scoton
Carlos L Emerick Nunes
Karina de Oliveira Nascimento
Leonardo Roncetti

Assembler team:

Alessandro Melo Zocoloto
André Orsi Corrêa
Diógenes Lima
Edison Vasques

Customer supervisor:

Vitor Spadeto Venturin

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