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Innovative Jacket Lifting System Debuts with 8100 tons

After decommissioning the 14,200-ton topside of the Ninian Northern Platform, in the North Sea, it was time to lift your jacket. All carried out by Allseas.

The jacket

– Instalada em 1978;
– Hoisted weight: 8,100 t. Total weight: 17,000 t.;
– Height of hoisted jacket: 85 m. Total height: 147 m;
– 8 legs Ø1.2 m and 26 stakes Ø1.5 m;
– There was no total removal, leaving part of the jacket (approx. 62 m), definitely at the bottom of the sea;
– Throughout life, various structural reinforcements were made, as an example, filling the legs with concrete.

The hoisting

– 2 years of design and planning. 01 day of hoisting!
– Jacket lifted vertically and supported on “beams” or spears, which is 170 m long;
– After being removed from the sea, it was horizontalized on the mega deck;
– Transport carried out to the shipyard for dismantling.

Advantages of the new lifting system

– Capacity for 20,000 t in a single lift;
– Adaptable for any width of jackets;
– Weakened jackets can be carried upright;
– Direct transfer from jacket to dock;
– Eliminates the need for ferries.

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