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Inspection course for slings and lifting accessories

In a continuous search for improvement, TechnipFMC hired TechCon Engenharia e Consultoria to teach a course on inspection of slings and lifting accessories.

The class was highly motivated to improve knowledge in this ongoing and so important activity.

The course combined theory and practice, bringing specific content to the needs of the company, which deals with hundreds of slings and accessories every day.

The questions that arise most during our training are:

  • Is it necessary to carry out a load test?
  • Is it necessary to carry out liquid penetrant or magnetic particle tests?
  • Should the period of one year between complete inspections be shortened depending on the severity of use?
  • The tubular strap tore the cover. Can you continue using it?
  • How to ensure that the lifting material used is inspected?
  • How to keep records of inspections?
  • How to certify slings and accessories that have lost their identification?
  • What type of nameplate is most durable?
  • What qualification must the inspection professional have.

Description of the photos:
1 – Class of the slings and accessories inspection course taught by Leonardo Roncetti;

Photos of inspections we performed on an offshore operator client:
2 – Example of LP inspection on shackles and turnbuckles;
3 – Example of load rings before and after the load test. Failed.
4 – Example of shackles after load test, with excessive deformation. Failed.