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Lifting area isolation

Can you get under the spear? Is a block considered a load? How to enforce isolation?

Controversial questions about isolation

– Can personnel be under the boom at any time during the operation?
– And stand under the load?
– Block is considered load, therefore, it cannot be moved over people?
– What radius does the isolated area cover?
– The area has been cordoned off. How to prevent people from entering or passing through it?
– How to avoid risk situations, such as talking on the cell phone during the operation, inside the isolated area (that’s right, talking on the cell phone!!!)???


– Pier lifting operation;
– A person is inside the area, which should be isolated;
– She talks on her cell phone quietly and inadvertently;
– Boom without load collapses on the ferry deck;
– The spear passes 10 cm from your head.

Among the dozens of questions, there is one in particular

– What did he type on zap after the accident?

Best answer:
– “My beloved wife: God has just given me deliverance from death!! From now on, I will respect all security measures! Love you!”

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