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Lifting or moving?

What is better? Plan both!

Withdrawal by the ramp
Photo: Author’s archive.


– Assembly of metallic structure internal to the shed after lateral closing;
– Use of a 30 t crane and mobile lifting platforms (PEMT);
– Ditch 3 meters deep on the perimeter of the entire shed;

Alternatives designed for equipment removal:

1) Lifting through the gap in the side closure and cover;
2) Handling ramp

The choice of method was based on the operational conditions at the end of the assembly.


1) Detailed prior planning for the 2 situations facilitated decision-making and the quick execution of the chosen solution, which was movement using a ramp.
2) The structure was executed with leftover materials, duly calculated and inspected, resulting in savings and less waste;
3) The risk of the operation was reduced by eliminating the lifting.

Scope of TechCon Engenharia e Consultoria:

1) Lifting design (rigging plan);
2) Field survey to identify profiles and sheets;
3) Feasibility of moving equipment;
4) Structural and manufacturing design of the ramp;

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