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Lifting project for shipping a 120 t torpedo pile

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Torpedo piles are steel foundations responsible for fixing anchor lines for FPSO, semi-submersibles or riser systems in deep and ultra-deep waters.

This mooring system was developed by PETROBRAS in 1996 to reduce the costs of floating installations, being the subject of several studies at COPPE/UFRJ until its consolidation.

It is composed of a conical end connected to the body, which is a steel cylinder, with an eyelet at the top where the chain is connected. It has fins on the sides to increase friction with the ground.

Interesting: a ballast is added inside to increase weight, which can be made of lead or steel.

Advantages of torpedo stake:

– Withstands high horizontal and vertical loads
– Smaller area for installation (foot-print)
– Installed with a single AHTS
– Lower cost in deep water


– 120 t weight torpedo pile with lead ballast
– 22 meters long, body diameter 1200 mm
– 2 lattice cranes of 260 t each
– Embark on AHTS

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