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Load test on lifting equipment

Load testing on lifting equipment is critical to ensuring reliability prior to operation. However, only the load test is not enough! Other strength and performance criteria must also be met.

Example: in a crane load test, it is no use just certifying that there was no collapse. It is necessary to ensure that its performance met the design specifications, such as maximum deflection, residual displacement, linear displacement and, finally, that there were no cracks in the welds and other components.

These quantities are obtained by monitoring the structure in real time during the load test and then by non-destructive tests (LP or PM, for example).

In the photos we see an example of a load test where TechCon was hired by a shipowner to certify and supervise the manufacture and testing of a balancer for lifting pulp bales with a net load of 44t.

With previously measured weights, a load test was carried out and then non-destructive tests were carried out to verify the structural and lifting components. After approval in the test and trials, the certificate was issued allowing the beginning of the structure’s operation.

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