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Tragedy in lifting tank with toxic product


– Port of Aqaba, in Jordan, at the northern end of the Red Sea, on the border with Israel.
– Jordan’s only sea port.
– Distant about 20 km from residential areas.


– Tank-type container containing liquid chlorine was removed from the trailer by an MHC crane.
– When approaching the cargo on the deck of the ship, there was a rupture of an element below the block, dropping the cargo on the deck.
– There was a leak and violent expansion of the gas, spreading over a large area.
– 13 deaths and 250 injuries were reported by the port authority.


– One can see the desperate flight of some people who were in the operation area
– There was a rupture of the steel cable slings used in lifting the container, right in the region of the manual braiding of the upper eyes.
– The container falls without turning onto the deck, indicating that the slings broke at about the same time.


– Additional risk reduction measures for lifting dangerous loads.
– Constant inspection of lifting equipment and materials.
– Rigging plan for routine lifting operation.
– Training and supervision of operational staff.

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