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What can make offshore lifts even more complex?

Daily scenario of offshore lifts

– Wave, wind without turbulence, sea current, each in one direction
– Transport ship and cargo swinging
– lifting ship and its swinging crane
– Restricted meteoceanographic windows: you only have today to do, tomorrow or the day after “cold front enters”…

Adding Loads to the Scenery

– Set of 3 blades for offshore wind turbines with hub
– Material: fiber composites and foams
– Length of each blade: 61 m, forming a rotor with a diameter of 125 meters
– Total weight of 130 t
– Horizontal starting position that needs to be verticalized


– More complex lifting than offshore lifting, which is already complex
– More restricted meteoceanographic windows: you only have this afternoon to do…
– Load with complex geometry and limited lifting points
– Functionally designed lifting accessories


– During the lifting of a set of 3 blades, the lifting device broke
– The set fell part into the sea and part on the deck of the ship
– Jack-up vessel, self-elevating, 138 m long, 41 m wide (beam), crane with a capacity of 1000 t
– There were no casualties;

How to avoid (in general)

– Load test on all accessories, even if technical standards do not require it;
– Hoisting design, covering all stages;
– Reliability analysis for critical lifts (not risk analysis);
– Experienced supervision.

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