Load Testing in Structures, Foundations and Equipment

When there are doubts about the structural performance of a building element or even the entire structure, an alternative is to carry out a partial or full load test. It is also termed as load proof.

The technique is also applicable to attest to the quality of new structures and foundations or that have undergone changes in use or have undergone recovery and reinforcement.

To attest to structural strength and safety, TechCon Engenharia offers a complete load test solution with a high-tech methodology, which can be applied to structures, foundations and industrial equipment.

TechCon also acts as the client’s auditor in tests and trials performed by third parties, performing inspection, analysis of results and approval.



  • structural inspection
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Structural analysis by finite elements
  • Theoretical check of resistance
  • Load test design
  • Carrying out the load test
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Issuing load capacity certificate


Application in Structures

  • Concrete and steel structures
  • port facilities
  • offshore structures
  • Bridges, viaducts and walkways
  • industrial floors
  • Dynamic test on tie rods and stays
  • Railings and window sills
  • Anchors and anchors


Application in Foundations

  • piles
  • straps and clamps
  • Plate on ground test
  • PDA
  • PIT
  • Exhumation of stakes and tie rods


Other Applications

  • tanks and silos
  • cranes and cranes
  • Eyebolts, trunnions and other connections
  • ship unloaders
  • vessels
  • Tensile, compression and torsion tests
  • Static and dynamic tests
  • Design of customized systems for special tests


Execution of the Load Test:

  • Concentrated loads up to 3000 t
  • Distributed loads of up to 10 t/m²
  • Applying loads at any angle
  • Real-time computerized monitoring of forces, stresses, displacements, deformations and reactions in the structure, guaranteeing results and increasing safety without damage to the structure
  • Totally remote measurement, application and load relief system, preventing people from having access to the tested structure, increasing safety
  • Fully digital system for data acquisition and 24-hour continuous monitoring


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  • Structural Monitoring
  • Structural reinforcement
  • Port Works
  • Concrete Structures

Some projects developed

Load Testing in Structures, Foundations and Equipment

Prior structural analysis by finite elements for load test design

Structure instrumentation for various measurements

Load test with specific equipment

Load test and structural monitoring on a road scale with a maximum working load of 80 tons including monitoring of strength and settling in the foundations.

Vibration monitoring in structure using accelerometers.