Offshore Structures

Techcon Engineering and Consulting develops offshore structures designs for new works and structural strengthening project to existing structures. Strengthening projects with carbon fiber for cold work.

Structure types:

  • Top side
  • Process modules
  • Flare towers
  • Storage tanks
  • Floatings
  • Buoys
  • Accessories (stairs, stands, skids)
  • Additional equipment

Services and design types:

  • Basic, detailed manufacturing
  • Conventional structural strengthening
  • Reinforcing carbon fiber
  • Assembly and lifting (lifting plan)
  • Calculation chart
  • Third party verification
  • Expert witness
  • Inspections
  • Skills and accident investigations


  • Finite element stress analysis
  • Analysis and mitigation of vibrations
  • Structural fatigue analysis
  • Computational fluid dynamics analysis


  • ISO 19900
  • ABNT
  • ASME
  • API
  • CEN (EN)

Some developed projects

Offshore Structures

Inspection on offshore structures.

Inspection on offshore structures.

Structural strengthening project top side.