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Lifting points on offshore platform structures

Never have so many offshore platforms been renovated as they are today: exchanging obsolete equipment, structural reinforcements, changes in layout and use, deck extensions, thanks to companies that acquired assets from PETROBRAS and need to modernize them.

Most of the decks of fixed platforms are not accessible with a crane, requiring the creation of lifting points, which are installed directly on existing structures, whether or not they require reinforcement.

Care to be taken:

  • Interferences;
  • Resistance of the structure where the lifting point will be fixed;
  • Risk of structure delamination;
  • Inspection and testing;
  • Incorporation into the structure.

Photos 1 and 2: Type 2 lifting point for lifting chain hoists, fixed under the main beam of the structure, with anti-delamination analysis

Photos 3 and 4: Various type 1 lifting points

Photo 5: Lifting point in load test

Article for CRANE BRASIL Magazine nº 90.