Research and technological development

Techcon Engineering and Consulting develops…



  • Development of new engineering technologies
  • Research project
  • Tests
  • Instrumentation and monitoring
  • Technology research leading


  • Solving new problems
  • Optimization of use of material resources, human and time
  • Development of new programs, products, systems or technologies
  • Domain new technologies
  • Re-engineering of existing solutions to increase competitiveness

Some developed projects

Research and technological development

Srtengthening concrete structure with fiber. New solutions and different applications to strengthen concrete structures or prestressed with carbon and aramid fiber. Photo: EC Solutions


Offshore structures strngthening with fiber. Development calculation methods, methods of application and offshore structures performance analysis reinforced with carbon fiber and glass fiber. Photo:


Offshore wave turbine with computerized active setting. Development of high efficiency power generation system through ocean waves with computerized adjustment of the transfer function (RAO – response amplitude operator).


Active attenuator computerized vibration to slender towers. Active damping system development for elimination of vibration of slender steel towers with automatic computerized device.


Dynamic simulation of lifting operations. For dynamic simulation software development operations of lifting people and cargo considering the interaction between sea, platform, crane and cargo.


Safety in lifting operations with people. Design methodology development and lifting operation of execution of people on offshore platforms and vessels for improved safety. Photo:


Reliability applied to offshore lifts. Application of the methods of structural reliability in lifting operations, predicting the failure probabilities of the constituent parts of the lift and the operation as a whole.


Screwed rectangular tank. Development of solutions for rectangular tanks screwed for storing liquids and bulk solids.


Software for optimization of welded steel profiles. Computational development tool for optimization of welded steel profiles, determined the most economical section, using combinations of user-defined sheet thicknesses. Considers the ultimate limit state, arrow and vibration.


Software para otimização de perfis soldados de aço. Desenvolvimento de ferramenta computacional para otimização de perfis soldados de aço, determinado a seção mais econômica, utilizando as combinações de espessuras de chapas definidas pelo usuário. Considera estado limite último, flecha e vibração.


Optimization deep foundations of wind towers. Development of software for optimized design of foundations with wind tower bases stakes, determining the most economical solution considering all direct and indirect costs involved.


Optimization tanks. Development of methodology for determining the optimal dimensions of welded steel tanks for general storage, aiming minimum consumption of steel.

Development of equipment for testing bollards , winches and padeyes.

Research for the study of chloride penetration into concrete with crystallizing additive. Authors : William Guignone , Fernanda Moroni, Geilma Vieira, Leonardo Roncetti .


Concrete adhesion study of different ages in prefabricated panels of reinforced concrete for slabs.


Ceramic block. Development ceramic block for masonry.


Mechanical device development of offshore crane boom acess.