Steel Structures

Techcon Engineering and Consulting develops steel structures designs for any purpose and type of work. It has extensive experience in industrial, commercial works, buildings, ports and bridges.

Structures Types:

  • Top-sides
  • Offshore structures
  • Industrial sheds
  • Multistory buildings
  • Pipe-racks e pipe-bridges
  • Marine structures
  • Buoys and floating
  • Storage tanks
  • Pressure vessels
  • Stacks
  • Towers


  • Basic
  • Manufacturing
  • Lifting (plano de rigging)
  • Recovery and strenghtening
  • Fire protection


  • ABNT
  • ASME
  • API
  • ISO
  • ABS


  • Project certification
  • Inspection and testing
  • Manufacturing and assembly inspection
  • Consulting

Some developed projects

Steel Structures

Offshore temporary platform structural design and rigging plan.

Structural design of trolleys for cargo handling on an offshore platform and rigging plan.

Structural design of temporary platform for transformer mezzanine and rigging plan.

Transformer mezzanine structural design for offshore platform and rigging plan.

Structural design of metallic guides for the installation of reinforcement beams on an offshore platform and rigging plan.

Structural design of a spreader frame for lifting a pump skid on an offshore platform.

Executive design of a metallic structure for the construction of an industrial building for a hopper and substation.

Executive design of metallic structure for a cold room.

Executive project of metallic structure of electrical room and walkway.

Offshore crane boom repair certification FPSO platform. Inspection in the field, check the failing condition, check the provisional reinforcement and definitive repair, monitoring the implementation of the on-board repair, inspection of nondestructive testing and issuance of certificate of conformity.

Consulting and offshore platform structure inspection in the Campos Basin, covering spider deck, top side and cranes.

Executive project of WIND FENCES, Vale Tubarão, phase 1.

Consulting for manufacturing and assembly of the roof structure of the CSA gasometer (Photos União Engenharia).

Steel structure calculation recovery boiler stack, (HRSG) ASME STS-1 standard, 50 meters high and 5 meters in diameter. Auxiliary stacks with a height of 50 meters and a diameter of 3.2 meters. Stress analysis of the base plate by finite elements. VIV Analysis (Vortex induced vibration). Dynamic analysis of wind effect. Non linear analysis of stresses on the base plates and stud bolts.

Manufacturing inspection and assembly of [pórtico rolante, pontes rolantes e vigas de rolamento].

Recovery design and structural reinforcement metal structure cargo terminal at the international airport including inspection, structural calculation of reinforcement, structural recovery definitions, specifications, calculation report, detailed budget and physical and financial schedule.

Structural and mechanical design of six stacks for gas compression station of Petrobras. Photograph: União Engenharia.

Metal structure to support glass with height of 45 meters.

Platform for pig launcher for offshore pipeline.

Shopping design with steel structure of 300 tons.

Industrial condominium design with 19 sheds in metallic structure.

Multistory building with composite beams of steel/concrete.

3D Industrial building design.

Architectural elements in steel structure.

Design of complex links between profiles for industrial pipe rack installation.

Metal structure to support glass with height of 45 meters.